How to Show/Hide a Resident Profile in the Di

Overview K4Community Plus provides the ability for residents to opt in or opt out of

How to Turn RCI On/Off for a Resident

Overview Resident Check-In provides the ability for residents to opt in or opt out of

How to Set a Resident Away Date

Overview In the instance of a resident being away on vacation, transferred temporarily to a

How to Export Resident Check-In Reports

Overview Your daily Resident Check-In Report is sent via email at the end of your

How to Resolve an Alert

Overview In Resident Check-In, there are two types of resident alerts you might encounter when

How to Create a Virtual Event

NEW! Repeating Virtual Events! Virtual events now have the ability to be created as a

How to Create a New Event Location

Overview When creating and organizing your monthly event calendars, it is helpful to provide as

How to Publish Content to K4Community Voice

Overview With K4Community Voice, Alexa can provide a variety of built-in assistance, such as notices,

How to Create a New Folder

Overview Folders are organized within K4Community Plus by 6 standard categories: Notice, Resource, Menu, Photo,

How to Edit or End a Post

Overview In Post Manager, staff are able to edit upcoming, active, and ended posts by