Launching K4Community

A simple, phased approach

Getting Started



To begin, we’ll gather some information from you and you’ll gather some information from us. Here is where you will learn about the value of K4Community and how it will revolutionize your community.

We’ve generated countless pieces of education material including how to guides, instructional videos, handouts and more. This repository invites community staff to a world of understanding and how to make their teams and their residents successful.

Once you’re intimately familiar with K4Community, you are ready to deploy! Deployment can mean multiple things, depending on your K4Community solution set, but generally encompasses hardware installations and resident onboarding.

Onboarding K4Community Direct Broadcast

Direct Broadcast Onboarding Overview Sharing information with residents

Onboarding K4Community Digital Signage

Overview Welcome to the K4Connect family! Sharing information

Onboarding K4Community Resident Check-In

RCI Onboarding Process Overview Welcome to the K4Connect

Onboarding K4Community Voice

Alexa Onboarding Process Overview Welcome to the K4Connect