With Team Hub’s robust Events Manager, staff can go beyond simply creating event calendars. You have the ability to manage sign-ups and waitlists, track attendance (even from your mobile device), and more. Once an event is created, staff can seamlessly make the information accessible via Voice, K4Community Plus, Digital Signage, and Direct Broadcast.

However, oftentimes staff teams find the need to have a printed hard copy of their community’s monthly calendar as well; whether that is for resident distribution, staff reference, etc. Thanks to Team Hub’s Monthly Calendar Widget, there is no need for duplicate work to do so. With Calendar Widgets, events are automatically pulled from the Events Manager into the Content Creator. 

Monthly Calendar Widget pictured in the Content Creator


Step 1: How to Create the Calendar

  1. To select a widget, you must first open a new or existing design in the Content Creator. The Content Creator is found by clicking Communications followed by Content Library. In the Content Library, you will click Create a Design

  2. When creating or uploading a design to the Content Library, staff have a variety of options available. The first priority when creating a design though is understanding the use of the document once it is published in order to select the best setup for the design. In this example, if you are creating a printable monthly calendar, the setup of the design will be different than that of a slide published to a digital signage screen in the community.

    For a printable calendar, we will select Landscape orientation and the 17" x 11" (monthly calendar) size. Once selected, click CREATE.

  3. After creating your design, you will be presented with the Content Creator. To get to the Monthly Calendar Widget, Click Widgets followed by Monthly Calendar.

  4. Once the Monthly Calendar has been selected, you are presented with several editing and customization options.

    All of the below features (with the exception of “Include draft events”) default to being checked when viewing the Monthly Calendar Widget in the Content Creator. This includes selecting all Calendars your community has created in Team Hub. To remove any of the features, or include only certain calendars, simply uncheck the box to the left of the item.

    Editing Tools:

    - Undo/Redo

    - Opacity (set at 100%)

    - Show Logo

    - Show Title (Controlled by what Calendar checkboxes are selected. If there is only one Calendar, the Monthly Calendar Widget will pull that name. If there is more than one calendar selected, the Monthly Calendar Widget Title will be ‘Events’.)

    - Show Month

    - Show Year

    - Show Location Key: Only shows locations that have events represented that month.

    - Show Event Types: Color coded based on the colors you designated in your Event Manager.

    - Depth: Up / Down Arrows (This is only applicable if you choose to add text, images, or other features to your calendar design. The arrows control which items come to the foreground and which items get pushed further to the background.)

    - Fullscreen

    - Month

    - Include draft events

    - Calendar

Step 2: How to Print the Calendar

Once you are satisfied with the details and design of your widget, you are now ready to publish your design. There are two ways to publish your design: directly from the Content Creator, or from the Content Library.

Printing from the Content Creator

If you want to print your design directly from the Content Creator, simply hover over the Publish button in the top right-hand corner of the Creator. You will be given the options to:

  • Publish to digital signage
  • Publish to app
  • Print

Once you select Print, you will be given a prompt stating “your design is being prepared for print.” Once the design is prepared, a separate window showing your print preview will appear. 

Hover over the "Publish" button
Select "Print" from the publishing options
Printing from the Content Library

If in the event you need to save your design for later or need review from a collaborator prior to sharing with your community, publishing from the Content Library is simple. Once you have found your design in the Content Library, click the 3 dot menu in the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail. You will be presented with the options to:

  • Edit in Creator
  • Publish to App
  • Publish to Signage
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Print

Once you select Print, you will be given a prompt that says “your content is being prepared for print.” Once the content is prepared, a separate window showing your print preview will appear. 

Live Tutorial

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