What if I schedule videos back to back?

There is a 1 – 2 minute delay between videos if they are scheduled back-to-back

What happens when a video finishes playing?

When a video published to Direct Broadcast finishes playing, the regularly scheduled slideshows will resume.

Why can’t I select ‘Reoccurring E

Video and DVD events are individually scheduled. When creating a new video event, if the

What if my event start/end times are differen

Any linked videos will end at the event end time, or the end of the

Can we live stream through Direct Broadcast?

Yes! To publish a live stream to Direct Broadcast, the community needs to have a

What is the difference between Digital Signag

Digital Signage content plays through the NUC, a small box shaped computer, and connects via

Can I print a slide?

Absolutely. Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast slides are printable from the Content Library. Pro tip:

Can I edit a slide after it is published?

Yes! At any time, slides can be edited. If you edit a slide’s content in

Where do I manage Direct Broadcast content?

Staff manage Direct Broadcast content in one of two locations: The Digital Signage Manager or The Events