Downloading and Logging In


The K4Community Plus app can be downloaded on mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. Additionally, the app can be accessed via web by visiting

The app is not compatible with:

  • Kindle Fire
  • Microsoft Surface

To read our full compatibility requirements, click here.

Downloading for Tablets and Smartphones

  1. Go to your device's app store (Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android)

  2. Search for "K4Community Plus" and follow your app store's instructions to download the app

  3. Once the app is installed, follow the on-screen onboarding instructions to activate

Logging into the K4Community Plus App

For Residents

Once K4Community Plus is downloaded, there are two ways to activate the app:

  • Activate by email

    If the resident's email is on file and they have a valid invitation to the app, they can enter their email address and a secure 6-digit activation code will be sent to that email address. This only needs to happen once.

  • Generate a secure activation code in Team Hub

In the case that the resident has downloaded the app but they’re having trouble activating by email, you can help them through this by generating the secure 6-digit code for them. Keep in mind, the code you’re generating is only active for 24 hours, so make sure the resident is in a position to enter the code within a day of it being generated.

To generate the code, navigate to the Resident Directory, click the 3 dot menu on the resident in question, followed by “Get app code

For Staff

Once the app is downloaded, staff are able to generate a code for themselves or other team members from the Community Directory in Team Hub.

To generate the code, navigate to Admin > Community Directory in Team Hub, click the 3 dot menu on the staff member in question, followed by “Get app code“.

Logging into K4Community Plus Web

For Residents

For many residents, having accessibility to viewing K4Community Plus on a larger computer screen comes in handy, particularly when considering those with vision impairments. Having a web based application also enables those who might not have cell phones or tablets to remain connected with your community.

To access K4Community Plus Web, follow the steps below:

  • Visit using your preferred browser (click here to read about our browser recommendations)

  • Enter the email on file with staff in your Resident Profile in Team Hub to have a 6 digit authentication code emailed to you

    If you have already been provided with a code, click "Have A Code?"

  • Click "Get Started"

  • Enter your email and create a password of your choosing

    Please Note: Use an email and password you'll remember. If you're ever signed out of K4Community Plus Web, or if you need to login from a different computer, you will use these credentials to sign in.

  • Click "Submit"

  • Enjoy!

For Staff

For staff access to K4Community Plus Web, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit using your preferred internet browser (click here to read about our browser recommendations)

  2. Click "Staff Login"

  3. Enter the email and password used for your Team Hub credentials

  4. Click "Log In"

  5. Enjoy!