Community Insights

Community Insights is a data dashboard under the Reports section of Team Hub that shows usage statistics for deployed K4Connect products such as K4Community Plus, Voice, Resident Check-In, and Team Hub.

Card Definitions

Please note: All cards shown in Insights (aside from Residents Onboarded, Daily Interactions Per Resident, and Average Posts Per Day) by default show data gathered over the last 90 days; however, the dates can be customized to be displayed as:


  • Residents Onboarded

    The percentage of residents added to K4Community that have accepted at least one invite to the Plus App or K4Community Plus Web. Does not include archived users.

  • Daily Interactions per Resident

    The average number of interactions per resident over the last 30 days, with a comparison to the previous 30 days before that. Interactions include App, Web, and Voice.

  • Average Posts per Day

    The average number of posts added to the Team Hub over the last 30 days, with a comparison to the previous 30 days before that. Posts include announcements, events, dining, and feed content.

  • Active Residents

    Number of residents that have used Plus or Voice at least once.


  • Published to Feed

    Weekly view of what types of content have been posted to the feed in Team Hub.

  • Most Popular Features

    Areas of Plus most used by members over the last 90 days.

  • Most Popular Events

    Ranked list of events by popularity, measured by the number of signups for the event. If attendance was not tracked by staff or by resident signup's in K4Community Plus, the Event Popularity section will not produce any data

Resident Check-In

Please note: If your community has not deployed Resident Check-In, you will receive a message stating, “no data found for selected date range.”

  • Time to Clear

    Number of RCI alerts by week, compared to the average amount of time it took to clear an alert.

    Please note that large times to clear are the result of alerts never being closed and continuing to accumulate ‘minutes to close’. All RCI alerts should be dealt with promptly.

  • Most Alerts

    Ranked list of rooms that had the most RCI alerts over the past 90 days.

Smart Home

Please note: If your community has not deployed Smart Home, you will receive a message stating, “no data found for selected date range.”

  • Lighting

    The number of smart home interactions comparing how many times a light was automatically turned on by a motion detector or with a remote control.

  • Thermostat

    The number of times a member manually changed the temperature, compared to the number of times the K4 system set their temperature for them automatically.

    Please note that if no scenes are set to engage Magic Mode automatically at certain times of the day, no data will appear for that category.

Value of Data

This dashboard will give staff members at your community insights into key metrics related to resident adoption and engagement of K4Connect’s products. Additionally, it will highlight the actions staff members are doing to keep residents engaged through Team Hub content and safe through the Resident Check-In and Smart Home insights.

Why Did We Introduce Data & Insights?

K4Connect’s core values are centered around enabling older adults in their new environments through the use of simple but effective technology. Using data to provide insights into how they’re living will help improve their lives and get the most out of the relationship between Communities, Operators, and K4Connect.

Data Exports

NEW! Data Exports provides the ability to staff users to export .csv data for the Directory, App Usage, and Events. Once the .csv file is downloaded, users can customize the view of the data as they wish in Excel, Google Sheets, etc. To begin an export, simply select “Export” to the right of the data category you wish to view. 

Export App Usage

When exporting app usage data, you will be provided with four different columns of information: 

Export Directory

The directory export allows staff to visualize their resident census in a printable format. The export will include the Resident Directory personal information and preferences details from each resident’s profile.

Export Events

The events export enables staff to export event data, including: