Volante paired with K4Community allows resident users to access their Volante dining balance in K4Community Plus. After Volante has been enabled for your K4Community system, a resident’s dining balance will dynamically appear in K4Community Plus. In the Dining section of the resident app, a card will be visible and this card will share the resident’s up-to-date dining balance in Volante.

The Volante integration requires minimal management after the initial implementation in which community teams will need to “map” or “relate” a resident record in K4Community to a resident record in Volante. This is done in Team Hub.

To learn more about how to manage your Volante Point of Sale integration with K4Community, continue reading below.

Key Benefits



To enable Volante, you will need to provide K4Connect with your community’s Volante ID. Your Customer Success Manager will then support you in mapping resident records in K4Community to resident records in Volante. This can be done in bulk by K4Connect or manually in Team Hub by the community team.

For more information and to enable Volante, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How to Match Residents in Team Hub

  1. Log into Team Hub.

  2. Navigate to Admin and select Integrations.

  3. Select Volante.

    Note: If you do not see Volante, it has not been enabled for your community. Please contact K4Connect Support for more information.

  4. A list of your residents will appear with a Volante ID field next to each name.

  5. Find the Volante ID for each resident in your Volante system.

  6. Enter the resident-specific Volante ID.

  7. Once you have entered the Volante ID, click the checkbox to save.

How Residents View Transaction History

Resident’s can view transactions that are accounted for in Point-of-Sale Integrations (Volante or Fullcount) without having to log into the POS system itself. This will enable them to verify that the balance is accurate and that they are only being charged for the meals and items they purchase. The Transaction Card lives in the “What’s New” section and “Dining Info” section of the Plus App. 

Note: Residents should NOT have to enter any information (logins, account names, passwords, etc.) to view their balance or access any of the Levels described below.

Viewing Transaction History – This data is pulled from Volante and updated in K4Community Plus every 2 hours.

View 1: The Balance Card

Viewing the Balance Card in the K4Community Plus App presents residents with the following information:

View 2: Most Recent Transaction History

The Balance Card in K4Community Plus allows residents to click on the provided link to view additional/most recent transaction history. Clicking the link launches a detailed list of all transactions for the last 30 days, including:

Date/Time Information: the above information will be generated from a real-time API call, so the Current Balance and most recent transaction(s) may differ from the original feed.