Resident User Guides


To better help support residents as they are learning to use K4Community Plus, or for those who might need the occasional refresher, we have included a variety of guides and resources below. These guides are intended for either printing, or for publishing directly to the K4Community Plus App to enable easy access for everyone! We recommend that if publishing to K4Community Plus, staff create a dedicated folder under “Resources” to keep guides best organized. A folder title you might consider could be “K4Community Plus Guides”

To learn how to create a new folder, click here to be taken to a quick tutorial to learn how to do so! 


This page will serve as an ever growing repository of resident guides for staff members to pick and choose from based on your community’s unique needs. To download a file, simply click on the photo of the guide to be taken to a preview and download page.

K4Community Plus User Guide
How to Update the App
How to Add Friends & Family Contacts
How to Submit a Work Order
How to Create a Biography
How to find Requests
How to Call and Chat with Contacts
How to Control Smart Home in App
Ai-Assisted Search

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