Direct Broadcast Best Practices


K4Community Direct Broadcast is an integrated, easy-to-use way to share messages amongst residents, increase communication in your community and more! The two-part solution provides you with both a Direct Broadcast rack and a content creator so that you have full control over the content that is shared.

Direct Broadcast is a great way to get residents involved in the community. Publishing community information, videos, and more to an in-room tv channel provides residents and their families with important updates and what’s going on in the community, all from the comfort of their own home.

Best Practices

  • Build out a content program. By building out a content program using a pillar format, your community staff and residents will be set up for success and consistency. 

    What are content pillars? Content pillars are the main foundational topics that your content program is built from. Focus on the main topics that you want your community to be known for and what will best benefit your residents. For example, a pillar you might consider could be "Healthy Living" or "Aging with Grace."

    Once you have established your main pillar topics, get creative with the subtopics! 


  • Create your "Set It and Forget It" slides first. By utilizing your community's auto-updating widgets, such as the Daily Events widget or Dining widget, staff have peace of mind knowing that content is timely and accurate. This method also reduces staff workload over time as staff will only need to add one-off slides, such as an event highlight or a new resident welcome. 


  • Update and audit content regularly. In order to encourage residents to view the channel regularly, we recommend you post new content regularly and set end dates to applicable content. If residents notice that the same content has been published for multiple days or weeks, they may lose interest!


  • Choose a Team Champion. Communities showing the most resident engagement with Direct Broadcast have a dedicated staff member to update content. This can be an activities director, executive director or administrative professional.

Content ideas for Direct Broadcast in your community

  • Livestreams (click here to learn how!)
  • Videos
  • Events 
  • Menus
  • Resident Birthdays
  • Community Announcements
  • Weather
  • Date/Time
  • Joke of the Day
  • New Resident Welcome
  • Sales and Marketing info

Using these quick tips and best practices will set you up for success with Direct Broadcast, but we recommend you explore the endless possibilities of how to utilize Direct Broadcast to create simpler, healthier and happier lives with K4Connect.