Resident Check-In Overview


In the Resident Check-In section of Team Hub, you’ll be presented with a list of residents whose K4Community systems have not detected motion, light level changes, or Alexa interactions over the course of the custom check-in window(s) your community has set. 

Here you are able to view any residents who might be displaying either:

  • a Check-In Alert (red): indicates the resident’s system is online and operating but has not detected motion.

  • a System Issue Alert (yellow): indicates the resident’s Home Hub was offline during the check-in window and was not able to sense motion or light level changes. There are a variety of reasons which can cause this. Please contact the K4Connect Support Team for assistance.

Along with managing check in alerts, Resident Check-In allows staff members to view all successful check-in activity and history, set resident away dates, and download reports.

Resident Check-In Tour

Daily Emailed Resident Check-In Report

The Daily Resident Check-In Report is automatically emailed to your designated on-site lead every day after the close of your Resident Check-In window. This report lists activity received during your custom check-in window. If no resident motion was detected during your check-in window and/or no activity via Alexa, you will receive that alert in this report. You are encouraged to log into Team Hub to begin resolving alerts soon after you receive the Resident Check-In Report.

If you wish to check, edit, or add additional team members to the emailed report, this can be done in the Admin section of Team Hub. Once in the Admin section, expand the Resident Check-In tab to view the RCI admin settings. Here you will be presented with: 

To add a new recipient to either the first or second emailed report, simply type in the email in the email addresses bar and click “Save“.


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