Resident Check-In


With K4Community Resident Check-In, residents benefit from a check-in system that works behind the scenes to keep staff aware, while promoting resident independence. Delivered through integrated smart home devices and/or voice activation with Amazon Alexa, residents no longer need to remember to pull a cord or dial a front desk line, they simply move about the home and community teams are alerted through our software-based system.

In Team Hub, you’ll be presented with a list of residents whose K4Community systems have not detected motion, light level changes, or Alexa interactions over the course of the custom check-in window(s) your community has set.

Your Resident Check-In Report is sent via email, typically to the Maintenance Director, at the end of your customized check-in window each day. The email includes alerts as well as a list of devices with system issues. This will help you confirm device health, ensuring all devices are reporting accurately to your RCI System. 

  • Check-In delivered through voice activation with Amazon Alexa, motion-sensing light switches or night lights

  • Automated reporting for staff is viewable via desktop or mobile through Team Hub

  • Includes two check-in windows per day, increasing resident safety

  • “Away” settings are available when residents are not at home

Completing this module will help you:

Who is the module for?

Community Staff members responsible for the success of Resident Check-In at your campus.

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Learning Path

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Learn how resident alerts and system issues are reported through the Daily Resident Check-In Alert email sent to your team, and how to download reports from Team Hub. Click here to continue.

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