K4Community Voice Best Practices


Alexa can be quite fun, but also intimidating for new users! In our experience, the best way for residents to come to love Alexa is for you, as a staff member, to interact with her regularly. Your outgoing residents will easily spread excitement about Alexa around the community, so we recommend that you spend some time showing those residents the cool things that Alexa can do.

Best Practices

  • Be sure to provide helpful resources to residents, particularly when first introducing the device. 

    Printable resources will help encourage residents to try Alexa. If you are sending regular updates to your residents, such as a weekly update email, we encourage you to include a “Command of the Week” and tell residents to try it out the next time they pass the device.

    Click here to view currently available printable resources provided by K4Connect.


  • Cross promote K4Community Voice through Digital Signage, K4Community Plus, or other communication resources.

    For example, you might consider having a "Command of the Week" digital signage slide in common areas of your community. 


  • Remind users that Alexa is not listening unless spoken to. 

    For residents who are concerned about privacy, you can consider teaching the residents to mute Alexa. The ring light will turn red indicating that Alexa is indeed muted and not listening. 

    For system maintenance and release update purposes, we ask that devices are not removed or unplugged from a residence once installed. If a resident does not wish to use the device, simply mute the Alexa.


  • Encourage resident to resident communication.

    To learn how this works, follow the link below.

    Alexa Calling Experience: How it Works


  • Utilize community calling capabilities. Residents call easily call community contacts by simply asking, "Alexa, call [contact name]". Some frequently used contacts are:

    - The front desk
    - Transportation
    - Maintenance
    - Housekeeping
    - Wellness Office

    To learn how to program community contacts, click here!