K4Connect’s FusionOS architecture means our community partners have endless opportunities for growth with popular applications, smart devices and other standalone services that enhance resident life and improve the workday for community teams. Whether integrating with systems you already know and enjoy or expanding with new integrations, FusionOS makes all of this possible and more. Most importantly, our enterprise management capabilities bring all of your technologies under “one roof” and surfaced in an easy-to-use interface.

Community Services

Dietitian-approved menus for senior living.

Cloud-based point of sale system for senior living.

Seamlessly create and manage work orders.

Point of sale system built for senior living.

Point of sale system built for senior living.

Resident Engagement

Curiosity Stream

Award-winning documentary streaming and on-demand digital content.

One Day University

Virtual, TED talk-style lectures from professors at leading universities around the world.


Curated exercise and relaxation classes that address the greatest needs in senior wellbeing.


Premium video programming designed and curated specifically for older adults.

Coro Health

The leading provider of therapeutic music and spiritual support for senior living.

Create a YouTube playlist of content residents can access any time.


Easily share video content with your residents.