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K4Community Plus is a resident-facing app that keeps residents effortlessly connected to family and friends, as well as their living community by bringing everything they need to their fingertips in a senior-friendly mobile application.

Available on Web, iOS and Android devices. To read more about device compatibility, click here.

Completing this module will help you:

Who is the module for?

Community Staff members responsible for the success of K4Community Plus, Content Creation, and K4Community as a whole at your campus.

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Learning Path

Learn how to navigate the K4Community Plus app and what features are available. Click here to continue.

Read more about best practice recommendations for ensuring the success of K4Community Plus in your community, straight from the K4Connect Client Success team. Click here to continue.

Learn how to download the resident app for mobile and web. Additionally, learn how to download the app as a staff member.

🪄 Pro Tip: Accessing the app as a staff member provides the opportunity for staff members to show residents learning demonstrations, while also giving staff the opportunity to see their work in action. Click here to read more.

A companion to the resident-facing app, learn how families can instantly communicate with their loved ones and find up-to-the-minute information about the latest news and notices from their community. Click here to continue.

View, download, and share user guides created for residents to better support learning in your community. Click here to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the mobile app and web app?

The only difference between the mobile app and the web app is the method of access. All information that is published by the community teams is accessible in both areas. We often recommend residents have both; the web app is particularly beneficial for those with vision impairments due to the larger screen size of a computer.

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