Direct Broadcast


K4Community Direct Broadcast ensures residents have a dependable source for community information that is easily accessible from the comfort of their home. With video and DVD scheduling, communities can create fun entertainment experiences for residents like Monday Matinees or monthly themed movie schedules. No matter where you live on campus, residents can count on this channel to always keep them up to date on the latest news and important community information.

Completing this module will help you:

Who is the module for?

Community Staff members responsible for the success of Direct Broadcast and K4Community at your campus.

Learning Path

Learn how to use the Digital Signage Manager for Direct Broadcast, how to publish content throughout your community, and more. Click here to continue.

Read more about best practice recommendations for ensuring the success of Direct Broadcast in your community, straight from the K4Connect Client Success team. Click here to continue.

Encounter something that didn’t go quite as expected? Click here to read common troubleshooting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I schedule videos back to back?

There is a 1 – 2 minute delay between videos if they are scheduled back-to-back

Example: Video 1 ends at 1:00 and Video 2 starts at 1:00. Video 2 will start at 1:01 or 1:02.

Why can’t I select ‘Reoccurring Event’ on my video and DVD events?

Video and DVD events are individually scheduled. When creating a new video event, if the “Show on TV” toggle is enabled, the ‘repeat’ options are disabled. If ‘repeat’ options are chosen before turning on the “Show on TV” toggle, the toggle is disabled with an info icon explaining why.