K4Community Plus Best Practices


K4Community Plus is an exciting campus amenity, but it can also be intimidating for new users! In our experience, the best way for residents to become proficient in K4Community Plus is for you, as a staff member, to provide ongoing campus support and regularly maintained content. Your outgoing residents will easily spread excitement about K4Community Plus around the community, so we recommend that you spend some time showing those residents the cool things that it can do.

Best Practices

  • Set goals for majority usage.

    The more residents that are using the app, the easier it will be for everyone! Fellow residents often make the best mentors for others new to the app. Having majority usage also lessens the load on staff to distribute information in multiple places. 


  • Publish in advance.

    In Post Manager, teams can schedule content to be published to K4Community Plus in advance. We have seen great success from teams who set aside time to pre-schedule content in order to increase team efficiencies in the long run. 

    Whether you choose to create content in real time or pre-schedule posts ahead of time, consistent and varied content is key to the success of K4Community Plus.


  • As a team, outline key functions within the app and assign someone who is held responsible for its success.

    For example, the Life Enrichment team might be responsible for the creation of events in the Events Manager, while the Dining team might be responsible for uploading menus in Dining. 


  • Provide the opportunity for residents to receive ongoing education for using K4Community Plus.

    Some great examples we've seen are "genius bars" for residents to ask questions, regular office hours, or organized monthly training sessions. Providing a friendly touch point for residents makes technology more approachable for everyone. 


  • Make sure your team is maintaining the Resident Directory.

    The most popular feature of K4Community Plus is the Directory. Keep the Directory up to date with resident biographies and updates! 

    Pro Tip: Consider hosting a resident biography writing event 🙂


  • Remind residents of the different advantages of using the mobile app and web app.

    Residents with vision impairments might find more benefit of using K4Community Plus Web while at home due to a larger desktop screen, or for printing pdf's posted by the community! 


  • Monitor your usage data.

    In Team Hub, teams have the ability to monitor data from Insights in the left-hand navigation.