Direct Broadcast Overview


Through Direct Broadcast, staff are able to schedule content to be published directly to the in-room resident TV channel. To do this, staff must have access to your community’s Team Hub. Once you have confirmed access, follow the steps below to learn how to get started.  

Direct Broadcast Tour

Team Hub

In Team Hub, Direct Broadcast content and Digital Signage content are all managed in one central location: The Digital Signage Manager. In the Digital Signage Manager, staff can easily view previously published content and publish new content from the Content Library all from one centrally managed location. To reach the Digital Signage Manager, select “Communications” followed by “Digital Signage” in Team Hub’s left navigation bar. Let’s take a look at the main components of the Digital Signage Manager. 


How to Schedule Video Content

To share video content as a community event for Direct Broadcast, you must create a virtual event. When creating a virtual event, staff will have the option to play the video on your in room TV channel. Simply select ‘Show on TV Channel’ and select ‘Link’ as the video source. To learn how this works, check out the tutorial below. 

How to Publish Static Content

When sharing content to your community’s Direct Broadcast channel, staff are given the option to share designs created in Team Hub, photos uploaded to your content library, or even slides created outside of Team Hub, such as in Canva or PowerPoint. If your content was created outside of Team Hub, simply ensure the design has first been uploaded to your Team Hub Content Library prior to following the steps outlined in the tutorial below.