K4Community Plus Features

  • What's New

    The most recent posts that have been published to the feed by the community. Each "card" in the feed are called "Posts." The posts in the Whats New and Library sections are organized chronologically. You can scroll to see older posts.


  • Library

    An archive of current and past information shared in the Feed. Categories of content include: Notices, Photos, Resources, and Videos.


  • Events

    A feed that shares community events. If a resident taps on the Attend button beside any event, the event is then moved to “My Events” for easy reference.


  • NEW Dining

    A dedicated section of the app for dining staff to share all dining related menus and news. For a more in depth walk through of Dining and how it is managed, click here.


  • Directory

    A list of all of the residents and staff in your community. Residents can add a bio to their profile here. Residents are able to call or chat with fellow residents by clicking on their name. You can search by name, email, address and more.

    NEW Pro Tip: If a resident is unable to upload their own bio, staff can now upload the bio for them in Team Hub. To do so, go to the resident's profile in the Resident Directory to upload.


  • Share

    Residents are able to invite friends and family to join them on the app. Linked Friends & Family have a separate dedicated app in which they can view community events and posts (as long as it is shared with F&F when publishing), and are able to chat with their loved one. For privacy purposes, friends & family cannot access the full directory, only the resident they are linked with.


  • Communications Hub

    The chat feature of the app can be found by tapping on the chat bubble in the top righthand corner of the app. Here residents can chat one-on-one with their linked friends and family or with other residents who are opted in to the Directory. The chat feature is not available for staff, so residents cannot send messages to staff nor can staff view the Communications Hub in the staff version of the app.


  • Home Controls

    If a resident's home is equipped with K4Community Smart Home, they are able to control their smart devices via the app here if they wish.

    Pro Tip: Remind your residents who might have challenged mobility about this feature. If a resident is laying in bed for example and forgot to turn off the light, they can do so via the app without needing to get up.