Menu Communications is a dedicated feature of K4Community that allows community staff to share menu information with residents and friends and family members. 

Community Teams can add menu information directly in the Team Hub and to share the information they enter via Plus, Voice, Digital Signage, Direct Broadcast and Print. The Plus App has a dedicated Dining section and Voice has customized Dining related commands. Digital Signage, Direct Broadcast, and Print each have widgets in the Creator.

This article covers the three levels of information pertaining to the Dining section of the Team Hub, including restaurants, menus, and items. 

Dining Tour


When you’re first starting out in the Dining section of the Team Hub, you’ll see an empty screen. Once you add your restaurant(s) and then menu(s), it will no longer be blank!

Three meals are required to be entered in the Menu Setup, however if you do not enter Menu Items in any of the meal blocks for that designated meal, that meal slot will not be read or shown on App, Voice, or Digital Signage.

If you go to the Creator and select the menu, it will default to showing three meals even if one of the meals contains no items. To ‘hide’ that meal, you can deselect it in the widget.

Currently, menus can only begin on a Sunday. This is due to the structure of the information and how it is being “sent” to each of the resident endpoints (i.e. Plus app, Digital Signage and Voice). If your menus begin on an alternate day, simply skip the days prior.