Luckily, if your menu offers the same meal for multiple days of the week, you do not have to manually input each menu item into each grid date. 

In this example, the Specials menu always offers chicken gnocchi soup and classic beef stew for lunch Monday through Friday. Follow the quick tutorial below to see how to copy and paste this meal into each lunch meal of the week.


  1. Begin by adding your desired menu items to a single day. If you are unsure or need a refresher of how to add menu items, click here.

  2. Using your cursor, hover over the grid containing your menu items. Click the vertical 3-dot menu, followed by 'Copy'.

  3. Using your cursor again, hover over one of the grids you wish to paste your menu items to. Click the vertical 3-dot menu, followed by 'Paste'.


  4. Your items will now be copied to the next day's meal! Repeat as needed.

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