Creating a new event or event series only takes a few steps, and will enable staff to then distribute event information to a variety of endpoints. Some options to consider are a printable monthly calendar, a calendar widget on Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast, or to K4Community Plus (App) where residents can view event details, descriptions, and sign up for events. 

To learn how to create a new event or event series, check out the quick video demo below or the step by step instructions.


  1. From the Event Manager, select New Event in the top right corner of the page.

  2. If you are planning to input multiple events, check the box beside Create Another Event to have the event entry form empty for the next event input after publishing. 

  3. Enter the event information:

    Event Name

    Location: Choose a location from the dropdown. If you do not have any locations created or do not wish to assign one, you can skip this field.

    Calendars: Choose one or more calendars to assign the event to. 

    Description: Provide your residents with additional details about the event.

    Optional: Virtual Event allows you to enter a link to a pre-recorded video or an online meeting directly into your events.

    Paste the URL into the Link field and click Save. A preview of the thumbnail that will appear in the app is displayed below the link.


    We recommend adding “Virtual” as an Event Location if you are creating virtual events. This will indicate to residents to use the link included in the event.

    Links to Zoom calls or Google Meet will guide the resident out of the app in order to launch the third party apps required to host these meetings. Other links such as YouTube Live Streams or pre-recorded video will open the link inside the app.

    For information on scheduling Direct Broadcast Videos, please visit Direct Broadcast.

  4. Enter the event schedule

    Start Date/End Date, Start Time/End Time: All required fields except end date.

    All Day: Checking this box will cause the event to automatically go to the top of the day's events

    Repeat Options: Click this dropdown to indicate whether the event is repeating and if so, to select when.

  5. More Information:

    "Costs Money" and "Limited Spots" options

  6. Calendar Widget Options:

    Hide from daily calendar

    Hide from weekly calendar

    Hide from monthly calendar

    Truncate event name: Prevents long event names from wrapping in the event widgets.

    Hide event end time: Automatically selected to show the end times of your events in the widgets; uncheck this box if desired.

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