Events in Plus

In the Events section of the K4Community Plus app, residents can view, filter, sign up

How to Switch Communities in Plus

Community staff who have access to multiple communities (typically these are users at the Operator

Custom Home Screen Selector

Plus App users have the option to customize their home screen; the screen that comes

Shortcuts: Resident Guide

Overview The Shortcuts feature provides residents enhanced accessibility to important and frequently-accessed information in the

Shortcuts: Staff Guide

Overview The Shortcuts feature provides community staff with a valuable tool to enhance accessibility of

What is Light/Dark Mode?

Overview One of the recent additions to K4Community Plus is the introduction of a user-selectable

How to Show/Hide a Resident Profile in the Di

Overview K4Community Plus provides the ability for residents to opt in or opt out of

How to Create a New Folder

Overview Folders are organized within K4Community Plus by 6 standard categories: Notice, Resource, Menu, Photo,

How to Create a Post in Post Manager

Overview The Post Manager allows staff members to share various pieces of content to both

Push Notifications: What are they and how do

Overview With our Summer 2021 Release, community staff members now have the ability to send