Content Creation and Publishing


Through Digital Signage, staff are able to schedule content to be published directly to digital displays throughout the community. To do this, staff must have access to your community’s Team Hub (click here to learn how). Once you have confirmed access, follow the steps below to learn how to get started.  

If you are looking for some inspiration for slides, check out the following recommendations:

  • Events
  • Menus
  • Resident Birthdays
  • Community Announcements
  • Prospect resident or new resident welcome
  • Weather
  • Date/Time
  • Joke of the Day

How to Publish Content to Digital Signage

When sharing content to your community’s Digital Signage locations, staff are given the option to share designs created in Team Hub, photos uploaded to your content library, or even slides created outside of Team Hub, such as in Canva or PowerPoint. If your content was created outside of Team Hub, simply ensure the design has first been uploaded to your Team Hub Content Library prior to following the steps outlined in the tutorial below.

How to Unpublish or Edit Digital Signage Content

  • To Unpublish Content: Click the 3 dot menu    to the right of the item and click Unpublish. This will immediately remove it from appearing on the destination(s).

  • To Edit Content: Simply click the slide in question in the Digital Signage Manager. This will give you a preview of the document, a summary of the current publishing details, and an editable publishing flow that can be used to update the publishing details as needed.

  • To Edit Destinations: Follow the steps above to begin editing the content. To then add a destination, select the destination of your choice. To remove, click the 'X' next to that destination.

Content Creation and Publishing Tutorials

Using a widget is easy, and there are a variety of options available to streamline your current workflows. 

Available Widgets:

  • Daily Weather 
  • 3 Day Weather
  • Date/Time
  • Today’s Events
  • Daily Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Calendar Key
  • Weekly Menu
  • Daily Menu
  • Website

Weather Widgets

Weather widgets populate your community’s local weather. Once published to Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast, these widgets will update in real time  without needing any additional steps from staff.

Calendar Widgets

Calendar widgets populate information inputted into the Event Manager. Once published to Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast, calendar widgets will automatically reflect any changes made to events in the Events Manager in real time. 

Menu Widgets

Menu widgets populate information inputted into the Dining module. Once published to Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast, menu widgets will automatically reflect any changes made to events in Dining in real time. 

Website Widget

Website widgets allow users to input a link to a website, which will then display a live view of the site on Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast. 

How to Use:

On the right-hand side of the Content Creator, select Widgets followed by selecting the widget you wish to use. Once selected, you can make any adjustments or design changes as needed in the right-hand editor.