Once a slide has been published to Digital Signage, staff can easily unpublish or edit the slide’s publishing details, such as signage destinations or display times, at any point. Follow the quick tutorial below to learn how.


How to Unpublish a Slide

  1. In the left hand column of the Digital Signage Manager, you will be a list of content currently published to signage displays throughout the community. Click the 3 dot menu to the right of the item you wish to remove from signage.

  2. Click Unpublish. This will immediately remove it from appearing on the destination(s).

How to Edit Publishing Details

  1. Click the slide you wish to edit in the Digital Signage Manager's left hand column.

  2. After selecting, you will be provided with a preview of the document, a summary of the current publishing details, and an editable publishing flow that can be used to update the publishing details as needed.

  3. Once the desired edits have been made, click 'Publish'.

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