The YouTube integration feature allows community staff to automatically post a video to the K4Community Plus app by adding that video to an existing YouTube playlist.

How to Integrate a Youtube Playlist

In order to integrate a YouTube playlist, click on Admin > Integrations > YouTube and paste the playlist link into the open field. The videos in the playlist will not show up in the app until the playlist link has been saved in the Team Hub followed by a new video being added to the playlist (in that order).

The integration syncs once an hour and, once the initial sync is complete, the newly added video along with any preexisting videos will appear in the What’s New feed of the K4Community Plus app as well as in the Library section in a folder called “Videos”.

This folder will contain all videos shared to the playlist. The videos will each exist as individual Posts in the Post Manager. The Posts are automatically created from the integrated playlist.

Moving forward, any new videos added to the playlist will be shared to the K4Community Plus app in the same way and will be visible in the Post Manager.

How to Remove a Youtube Integration Video

The automatically-created video Posts in the Post Manager can be edited including adding an end date which will remove the video from both locations in Plus (What’s New feed and the Videos folder). If you want to add it back to the app, remove it from the YouTube playlist and add it back.

A video that is removed from the YouTube playlist will not be automatically removed from the app at the next sync. Removing a video requires ending that video’s Post in the Post Manager.