How do we allow our residents to call areas o

To add a new community Alexa Contact, navigate to Admin > Community Directory in Team Hub. In

Can I print a slide?

Absolutely. Digital Signage or Direct Broadcast slides are printable from the Content Library. Pro tip:

Where do I manage Direct Broadcast content?

Staff manage Direct Broadcast content in one of two locations: The Digital Signage Manager or The Events

I need to print our community’s monthly

To print your community’s monthly calendar, we highly recommend utilizing the Monthly Calendar widget. To

Can I upload content to Team Hub created in a

Yes! This happens often, particularly if your community utilizes specific company branding. To upload content

How do I add a new Community Alexa contact?

If your community has deployed K4Community Voice (Alexa), residents can dial community phone numbers, such

How do I add a new staff member to Team Hub?

If you have a new staff member needing to be onboarded to Team Hub, simply