How do I know if my device is compatible with

To read more about the current operating system and browser requirements for K4Community Plus, click

What type of commands are supported?

Below are some categories of commands that are supported on your Echo device: Poems Reminder

Alexa said “I don’t know that.

Alexa is constantly learning, but she doesn’t know everything yet. You can try giving your

Alexa said “at home I can help you with

Certain consumer Alexa functionality is not supported on your Echo device because it is an

Alexa said “only the owner can add skil

Your Echo device is an enterprise device managed by K4Connect. When Alexa says “only the

Will a resident get spam calls on their Echo

No. The Alexa Echo Dot and Show speakers do not have phone numbers, and therefore

Why do I need to say “Alexa” befo

Alexa doesn’t listen to the user until after the device microphones hear the wake word.

How do I turn my Echo Show camera off?

To disable the camera on an Echo Show, toggle the camera cover on the top-right

Does an Alexa device have its own associated

No, the Alexa Devices do not have their own numbers nor are they associated with

What does a red ring or red line on an Echo d

This means that the device has been muted and Alexa cannot hear you. Simply press