Any advice on how to best help residents lear

Yes! We’ve seen great results with weekly classes and general encouragement. Once they get past

How do we allow our residents to call areas o

To add a new community Alexa Contact, navigate to Admin > Community Directory in Team Hub. In

What is a command?

A command is the phrase that you say to Alexa when you want to interact

Who is Alexa?

Alexa is a voice assistant that interacts with users through conversation. You can ask questions

What’s the difference between the mobil

The only difference between the mobile app and the web app is the method of

How do I, as a staff member, get access to th

There are two ways for staff members to gain access to the staff version of

How to generate a code for a resident

There are two ways for residents to receive an authentication code: via email (if on

Can a resident use the same code to download

No. Access codes are one time use and only valid for 24 hours. There is

If a resident unplugs the Home Hub accidental

We recommend that the controllers are located in a low trafficked area, decreasing the chance

What happens if my community loses power or i

Devices will still operate manually and will attempt to reconnect to the system when the