Currently, residents do not have the ability to add their own profile pictures to the Resident Directory from K4Community Plus. Staff members however are able to upload resident photos in Team Hub.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Residents followed by Directory

  2. Find the resident of interest and click their name, causing their profile to expand in the right panel. At the top of the profile, click Change Photo, which will generate a pop-up for you to select the image from your computer.

    Note: For best results, use photos that are cropped to square. Only .JPG and .PNG files are allowed for upload.

  3. Click Open. Your photo will appear both in the resident detail pane in the expanded profile view on the right side and on their profile card in the resident list on the left side.

    Note: Residents without a custom picture will have their initials as their default profile picture.

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