Onboarding K4Community Direct Broadcast

Direct Broadcast Onboarding Overview

Sharing information with residents and generating buzz for your community events is closer than you think! Learn more about what to expect with the Direct Broadcast Onboarding Process:

Phase 1: Getting Started

Step 1 of the onboarding process is all about you! Please complete the below steps so that we can set up and ship your equipment.

A. Fill Out This Form

Installing Direct Broadcast is an integrated process involving your cable/satellite provider and K4Connect. Our team is dedicated to working with you and your telco provider to successfully install Direct Broadcast. In order to do this, we ask you to complete the below form.

B. Wait To Hear Back From Us

Once you have filled out the form, the ball is in our court. You will receive an email confirmation from our Customer Success team shortly. And if we have any questions, we’ll follow up.

Phase 2: Deploying In Your Community

The second phase to implementing Direct Broadcast in your community is the physical deployment. This is what we mean by installing a media player, creating and managing content and informing community staff on how to support moving forward.

A. Receive Your Equipment

In order to install your equipment, you have to receive it. 🙂 Your Customer Success Manager will send you an email when your equipment ships.

Here is what is in the shipment:

  • Direct Broadcast Media Player
  • Direct Broadcast Rack with DVD Player (optional)
  • Direct Broadcast adapter to existing community TV channel system (optional)

B. Install Your Direct Broadcast Rack

The built-in media player ships with a default, published slide which shares the local weather forecast. This will allow us to test to make sure the device is installed and working properly.

How to Install your Direct Broadcast Rack:

  1. Unbox the rack and other items in the shipment

  2. Decide if you'd like to mount the Direct Broadcast rack to the wall or install it in another location

  3. Reference this example System Architecture document.

  4. Connect the Direct Broadcast rack/media player to the existing cable/satellite community TV channel equipment

  5. Confirm the full Direct Broadcast system (including the K4Connect Direct Broadcast Rack and the cable/satellite hardware) is assembled appropriately

Once you have finished the installation of the Direct Broadcast rack, power on the media player. The built-in media player ships with a default, published slide which shares the local weather forecast. After about a minute, a weather slide should appear on the Community TV Channel.

  • If your media player is displaying a weather slide, your system is online and activated. You are now able to create your own content and publish it to the display from K4Community Team Hub.

Still Having Trouble?

If after 5 minutes you don’t see a weather slide, contact K4Connect Support at (855) 876-9673 or email by clicking the button below. Reference: Direct Broadcast Media Player install.

Phase 3: Learn

Physically installing your Direct Broadcast system is one thing, creating content for the display is another. But, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a variety of resources and guides to help you learn how to get the most value from your K4Community Direct Broadcast.

To begin diving into learning how K4Community Direct Broadcast works, follow the link below.