Onboarding K4Community Resident Check-In

RCI Onboarding Process Overview

Welcome to the K4Connect family! Your new-age check-in system is right around the corner. Deploying Resident Check-In with K4Connect is a simple, 2-phased process. Learn more about what to expect with the Resident Check-In Onboarding Process:

Phase 1: Getting Started

The first phase in implementing Resident Check-In in your community is to set up a Wi-Fi network to support your devices and provide us with some information. Please complete the below steps so that we can set up and ship your devices.

A. K4Community WiFi Setup

Connecting your community and residents requires a Wi-Fi connection. And your equipment does too! Please work with your enterprise IT team to add the K4Community SSID using the below requirements. If you have questions or concerns, shoot us a message and we can help.

B. Introduction to Resident Check-In

Resident Check-In is a modern resident check-in tool that provides peace of mind to you and your residents.

K4Community Resident Check-In works passively, or “behind the scenes,” using in-home sensors to ensure that residents are active. This eliminates a manual action by residents to check-in in the morning, promoting resident independence and comfort.

Below are a couple of resources to help introduce you to the K4Community Resident Check-In system. Please read through these resources so you are able to fill out the form in Step C.

Once you review the above resources, we encourage you to schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager so that they can answer any questions you may have about the Onboarding Process for Resident Check-In.

C. Fill Out This Form

You will need to upload your census data in this form — download the Resident Census Template here.

Onboarding Resident Check-In

This is the shipping address where we will send your equipment.
Check-In Window(Required)
This is the time in which your system will look for resident motion.

The default fields are included for you. If you do not make any changes, your system will be built with these options.
List of Staff Members for Report Distribution(Required)
These staff members will receive the Daily Device Alert Report and the Resident Check-In Report. Please include their name, role, and email.
Please download the Resident Census Template above, complete it and upload the finished file here. Red fields are required. File(s) may take up to two minutes to upload, please be patient.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

D. Wait To Hear Back From Us

Once you have setup the K4Community network and filled out the form, the ball is in our court. You will receive an email confirmation from our Customer Success team shortly. And if we have any questions, we’ll follow up.

Phase 2: Deploying In Your Community

Phase 2 of the onboarding process involves installing Resident Check-In equipment in each apartment and educating staff on how to manage the system.

K4Connect offers multiple installation and deployment options to include Full-Scale Deployment by K4Connect, Self-Install Deployment and others. Select the option below that applies to your community.

A. Receive Your Devices

Ahead of your scheduled, on-site deployment with K4Connect, you will receive equipment and deployment supplies via UPS or FedEx shipment. Please set this shipment aside for the K4Connect Deployment team.

B. Install Your Devices

K4Connect will be installing your devices.

A. Receive Your Devices

In order to install your devices, you have to receive them. 🙂  Your Customer Success Manager will send you an email when your devices ship.

Here is what is in the shipment:
  • K4Community Controller + Power Supply + USB Bridge
  • K4Community Plug-In Motion Detector

B. Install Your Devices 

You will receive your devices paired and tested — they ship ready to be installed in residences! Here’s what to do to install the Resident Check-In Kit:

  1. Plug the USB Bridge into a USB port on the K4Community Controller.
  2. Find an outlet that is inaccessible to the resident but has a good Wi-Fi to plug in the K4Community Controller.
    1. Recommended locations: behind the refrigerator, in a cabinet above the refrigerator, in a utility closet, above the kitchenette. 
  3. Plug in the K4Community Controller.
  4. Find an outlet that is unused by the resident and also in a highly trafficked area of the apartment. Plug in the Plug-In Motion Detector and screw it into the wall plate.
    1. The ideal location is in the bathroom, but not an outlet that is regularly used for a hairdryer, etc. A secondary location option is in a hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom. You should avoid the bedroom so you don’t get a false reading if the resident moves while sleeping. The goal here is to track the resident’s first motion of the day, once they are awake. As most residents go to the bathroom after waking up, the bathroom is ideal.
    2. Recommended locations: in the bathroom, but not next to the sink; an area that is open to the space that the resident uses to walk from the bed to the bathroom. 
  5. Success!

Once your devices are installed in resident apartments, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager so that we can run a final quality assurance check to make sure that all devices were installed correctly and working properly. For more information regarding pairing and managing devices, please check out the K4Ops Guide.

After your devices are installed and the final quality assurance check is completed, you are able to move forward with managing the Resident Check-In System in your K4Community Team Hub.

Terms to know:
  • K4Community Team Hub: The Team Hub, which you can access at TeamHub.K4Connect.com, is where you will track your daily morning check-in data. Your on-site lead will provide you with your Team Hub credentials.
To begin diving into learning how K4Community Resident Check-In works, follow the link below.