Onboarding K4Community Voice

Alexa Onboarding Process Overview

Welcome to the K4Connect family! Your residents will soon feel empowered to use Alexa in their daily lives — and your staff will too! Deploying Alexa with K4Connect is a simple, 2-phased process. Learn more about what to expect with the Alexa Onboarding Process:

Phase 1: Getting Started

Step 1 of the onboarding process is all about you! Please complete the below steps so that we can set up and ship your devices.

A. K4Community WiFi Setup

Connecting your community and residents requires a Wi-Fi connection. And your Alexa devices do too! Please work with your enterprise IT team to add the K4Community SSID using the below requirements. If you have questions or concerns, shoot us a message and we can help.

B. Fill Out This Form

We need your shipping address your community census data — download the Resident Census Template here and upload once completed below.

Onboarding Voice

This is the shipping address where we will send your equipment.
Please download the Resident Census Template above, complete it and upload the finished file here. Red fields are required. File(s) may take up to two minutes to upload, please be patient.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

C. Wait To Hear Back From Us

Once you have setup the K4Community network and filled out the form, the ball is in our court. You will receive an email confirmation from our Customer Success team shortly. And if we have any questions, we’ll follow up.

Phase 2: Deploying In Your Community

Phase 2 of the onboarding process involves installing Echo devices in each residence and empowering residents and staff to use her. Watch this video for an overview of what to expect in the “Deploying in your Community” phase:

A. Receive Your Devices

In order to install your devices, you have to receive them. 🙂 Your Customer Success Manager will send you an email when your devices ship.

Here is what is in the shipment:

  • Amazon Echo Dots or Shows, individually packaged and cleaned

  • Alexa commands table tents

B. Test A Device

To confirm the internet connection in your community, we recommend testing one Amazon Echo Dot/Show before distributing each device.

How to test a device:

  1. Unpack a single device.

  2. Plug the power cable into the wall and into the device.

  3. Wait for the device to power on.

  4. While powering on, there will be a blue light ring (Dot) or bar (Show). When the blue light has disappeared, the device is ready for use.

  5. Ask Alexa these 2 commands separately:

    "Alexa, what is the weather?" and,

    "Alexa, open K4"

  6. Alexa will tell the weather of your local location as the answer to the first command. Alexa will say “Welcome to [Community Name]” as the answer to the second.

  7. If she says “I am having trouble connecting to the internet,” wait 5-10 minutes and then try these 2 commands again. If she still has issues, please contact K4Connect Support.

C. Learn

Physically installing your devices (you’ll do this in the next step) is one thing, increasing usage among residents is another. But, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a variety of guides and resources to help you onboard your residents for success.

We recommend reviewing each of these resources before you distribute devices to residents. Some communities print physical copies of the resident-focused resources and distribute them when they install the device.

This community staff resource provides quick tips and best practices for utilizing Alexa in your community.

This resident resource features a variety of Alexa commands and is a great tool to get your residents using Alexa!

This resident resource outlines common questions for interacting with Alexa.

This community staff resource outlines common questions for installing and supporting Alexa.

D. Distribute Devices

Once you have tested a single device and Alexa connects to the internet successfully, you are ready to distribute your devices!

Each of the boxes in the shipment are labeled for the apartments in your community. There is an identical label on the bottom of the device itself. In each box there is an Echo Dot and a power cable.

In addition to the Amazon Echo Dot devices in your shipment, there are individual copies of Alexa Commands Tent Cards. These tent cards should be installed with the device in the resident apartment.

E. Success

Congrats! You have now deployed Alexa in your community. But the fun doesn’t stop here! Ongoing support for and interaction with Alexa is necessary and recommended for ongoing success. 

To learn even more about how K4Community Voice works, follow the link below.