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Launching K4Community Voice

Your residents will soon feel empowered to use Alexa in their daily lives — and your staff will too! Deploying Alexa with K4Connect is a simple, 4-phased process. Learn more about what to expect with the Alexa Onboarding Process.

A Four Phased Approach to Success

Getting Started

The first phase of implementing K4Community is getting to know us and the K4Community Engagement Suite.

Prep & Education

We’ve generated countless pieces of education material including how to guides, instructional videos, handouts and more. This repository invites community staff to a world of understanding and how to make their teams and their residents successful.


Once you’re intimately familiar with Voice, you are ready to deploy! The third phase to implementing Alexa in your community is the physical deployment. This is what we mean by distributing devices, powering them on and educating residents to be successful.

Ongoing Success

Success doesn't stop at deployment! View best practices, tutorials, and product overviews for ongoing success in your community.

Interested in a Relaunch for your Community?

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Resource Library

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