3.19 Release

New K4Community Updates

Hi there, friend.

We recently released some exciting updates to K4Community that are now available to your community.

You (as a staff member) do not need to do anything to receive these updates — the features are already available to you.

This release includes the following: 

  • A NEW, redesigned customer Support Center
    • Rebuilt from the ground up, the new K4Connect Support Center is designed with community staff members in mind. The Support Center will help both new and tenured staff gain a full-picture understanding of K4Community by providing quick product tutorials, best practice recommendations, and much more.

      Support Center Highlights:
      • K4Community product overviews

      • Step-by-step tutorials

      • New staff member onboarding assistance

      • Printable PDF resources for both residents and staff!

    • No longer are staff required to be logged into Team Hub to gain access to the Support Center. This will allow staff to share articles, save bookmarks, and more without being restricted in any way.
    • With the release of the new Support Center, we will be sunsetting the Learning Center in an effort to consolidate learning tools and information to one location moving forward for community staff members.
    • The Support Center can be accessed on the homepage of Team Hub, in the left-hand navigation of Team Hub under Help, or by visiting Support.K4Connect.com.

  • New K4Community Voice updates
    • These updates will unlock the ability for staff members to have more control over the resident Alexa calling experience in your community.

      Feature Highlights:
      • Resident-to-resident calling via Echo Dot

      • Staff management of the community phone book for your devices from K4Community Team Hub

    • Resident-to-resident calling: Residents can now say “Alexa, call room _____” to speak with their fellow residents
    • Community Phone Book: Staff can now control which community phone numbers/contacts residents can call from their devices by saying “Alexa, call _____.” Prior to this update, this phone book was managed by K4Connect and required you to submit a request to our Support Team.

To read all about how this works, check out this support article. If you have any questions about this release, feel free to respond to this email or contact your Client Success Manager directly. 

We hope that these updates and enhancements will help continue to deliver a valuable K4Community experience with your fellow staff members and residents.


In Service, 

Sarah Taylor

Product Marketing Manager, K4Connect