3.24 Release

New K4Community Updates 👋

Hi there, friend.

We are preparing to release some exciting updates to K4Community that will be available March 22nd to your community.

You (as a staff member) do not need to do anything to receive these updates — the features will automatically be available to you!

This release includes the following:

  • New! Data Exports
    • Now, staff can easily download community data in a .csv format. These updates will enable staff to analyze and visualize data in your preferred tools, such as Excel, Google Sheets, etc.
    • Feature Highlights:
      • Directory Export
      • App Usage Export
      • Events Export

    • From the Reports section of Team Hub, staff will now see the subcategory titled Data Exports. The first edition of Data exports includes our most highly requested data categories: Directory, App Usage, and Events.
    • To read all about Data Exports, check out this support article.
  • New Team Hub Updates: Repeating Virtual Events
    • A highly requested feature we are excited to deliver! When creating a virtual event for K4Community Plus or Direct Broadcast, staff now have the ability to customize scheduling with repeating options.
    • To read more about how to create a repeating virtual event, check out this support article.

If you have any questions about this release, feel free to respond to this email or contact your Client Success Manager directly.

We thank you for your partnership, and we hope that these updates and enhancements will help continue to deliver a valuable K4Community experience with your fellow staff members and residents.


In Service,


Sarah Taylor

Product Marketing Manager, K4Connect