4.2 Release


K4Connect's Q1 2024 Release

We’re excited to announce the release of K4Community Plus and Team Hub version 4.2. This update adds several exciting new features, including AI-assisted search, that increase the Plus App’s functionality and ease of use as well as performance improvements and minor bug fixes. 

AI-Assisted Search for K4Community Plus

We Search High and Low

Through the power of AI assistance, the most probable search results are delivered even when the exact search terms are not provided.

Find Exactly What You Are Looking For

K4Community Plus now searches the entire app including files, folders, events, and more to deliver a more comprehensive result – even searching within documents such as PDFs.

External Links for Events

NEW Options for Event Management

In addition to K4Community event sign-ups, staff now have the ability to add links to external reservation systems, providing staff with flexible event management while allowing residents to use the Plus app for all of their reservations.

How to Update

For the web version of K4Community Plus and the Team Hub, there are no actions needed to receive the update. The app updates will be applied automatically. For the mobile version of K4Community Plus, simply update through the the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We recommend making sure your residents have enabled automatic updates to ensure any future enhancements are not missed. If automatic updates are already turned on, the new version will be downloaded automatically.



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