How to Add an Alexa Contact to the Community

Overview The Alexa Contacts portion of the Community Directory allows for community phone books to

How to Add a Staff Member to the Community Di

Overview The staff portion of the Community Directory not only serves as an internal organizational

How to Remove a Resident Profile or Change Ad

Overview When a resident moves out for any reason, OR if they need to change

How to Edit a Resident Profile

Overview If you need to change any details about a resident, such as their phone

How to Upload a Resident Profile Picture

Currently, residents do not have the ability to add their own profile pictures to the

How to Add a New Resident

Tutorial From the left navigation menu, click Residents followed by Directory. In the top right

How to Create a Printable Monthly Calendar

Overview With Team Hub’s robust Events Manager, staff can go beyond simply creating event calendars.

How to Manage Event Sign-Ups, Waitlists, and

Table of Contents Overview As residents sign up for events, you’ll be able to see

How to Create a New Event or Event Series

Overview Creating a new event or event series only takes a few steps, and will

How to Post Your First Request Form

Table of Contents Introduction With the 3.17 release for K4Community, we are excited to share